How Facebook Has Developed over the Last Three Years

Facebook has been gaining speed, especially during the last year. The social network has even reached its one billion monthly active users (MAU) milestone in September 2012! Facebook has become a really powerful platform for marketers. It presents great opportunities for brands looking to create a local community or to expand their global footprint and to penetrate emerging high potential markets.

The United States has always dominated the ranking of the biggest Facebook countries but there have been some interesting shifts in the top 5 over the past three last years. In 2010 and 2011, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Indonesia, and France were sharing the spotlight. However, during last year, we have witnessed aggressive growth in Brazil, India, and Mexico. European countries (like France, Germany, Poland and Italy) have been overshadowed and Facebook growth is moving to developing countries and Asia as you can see in our country and continent statistics.